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1. Why does the estimated market value of my property go up when I have made no improvements?
2. What effect does the construction of large, expensive homes in my neighborhood have on my value and taxes?
3. Do your estimated market values ever go down?
4. If I pay less for my property than the Assessor's market value, will my value be reduced to the amount I paid?
5. If I feel my property value is too high or my property is incorrectly classified, what can I do?
6. How close to actual market does the Assessor's Market value have to be?
7. With all new buildings being built and all the increases in value for property, why don't property taxes go down?
8. How often is the Assessor required to value my property?
9. What are the requirements for homestead classification?
10. Why are taxes on lakeshore property higher than off-lake property?