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Recycling Bin Loan Agreement Form

  1. Please complete this form as far in advance of your event as possible and bring back or fax it to 218-998-4899. Bin requests will be granted in the order in which this agreement is received. Please phone the OTC Solid Waste Department at 218-998-4898 with questions.

  2. Terms of Agreement:

    Your organization will be responsible for the pick-up and drop-off of recycling bins at the OTC Recycling Center (1115 North Tower Road Fergus Falls) on the dates / times designated below.

    Anchored bins include a metal circle frame , clear plastic cover, metal in-ground pole, and labeling. Free standing bins include 2 metal circle frames, clear plastic cover, metal support pole and labeling. Collapsible bins include one light-weight folding base, plastic top to recycle 2 materials (requires 2 bags) and labeling. Your organization is responsible for providing clear plastic bags for each bin.

    Please return bins in the same condition in which they were given (clean and undamaged).

    If you are scheduling bins online you will receive a reply email of the receipt. If bins are not available you will be contacted.

  3. Number of Bins Requested

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  7. Bins can be temporarily labeled “CANS” or “PLASTIC BOTTLES”.

    The two items CANNOT be mixed. Please indicate which type of labels should be sent with your bins:

  8. Bins must be returned by 4:00 pm.

  9. Name of individual responsible for bins:

  10. You are Acknowledging your responsibility by typing your full name in this box.

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