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Emergency Management

  1. 5th Annual Emergency Management Summit

    Register for the 2018 EM Summit

  1. Storm Damage Report Form

    Submit your severe weather storm damage information.

Otter Tail County

  1. Comments, Suggestions or Questions?

    Contact Otter Tail County

  1. Contact The Webmaster

    Did you see something that is out of date or incorrect? Let us know!

Sheriff's Forms

  1. Anonymous Tips

    Help be a crime solver and report information to the Sheriff's office.

  1. West Central MN Law Enforcement Training Registration

    Law Enforcement Member Registration for upcoming events.

Solid Waste

  1. Environmental Education Event

    Use this form to preregister

  2. Request a Tour or Presentation

    Use this form to request a Waste Audit, set up a school/community group Presentation or even schedule a Tour of one of our facilities.

  1. Recycling Bin Loan Agreement Form

    Recycling Bin Loan Agreement Form