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Planning Commission

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Sep 12, 2018  — Posted Aug 29, 2018 3:16 PM

Condon Acres, Meyer, Bylanders Resort LLC, Young Life Castaway Club, Wil-O-Wood Resort, Labertson, Gerdes

Aug 8, 2018

Meyer, Runck, Bartelson, Lees, Becker Rev Tst, Little McDonald, Tamarac, Ethel, Little Pine

Jul 11, 2018

Swanson, Marion Shores, David Adams, Et Al, Donabauer, Battle View Homeowners Assoc., Posch, Seclusion Point, LLC, Craig Peterson, Et Al, Jade Nielson Properties, LLC, Ohe,


Jun 20, 2018

Peterson, Meyer, Preston, Langston, Pelican Lake Park 4th Addition, Foss, Scheel, Fox Fishing Frenzy, LLC, DGD Enterprises LLP, Chmielewski, Melser, Runck, Bartelson, Arneson, Escobar, Menze, Harms Farm Storage LLC, OTC Highway Department


May 9, 2018

Drechsel, DGD Enterprises LLP, Fronning, Scott, Chmielewski, Melser


Apr 11, 2018

Brandt, DGD Enterprises, Otter Tail County Hwy Dept, Fronning, Scott, J and K’s Sunset Bay Resort, Wee Villa Resort


Feb 14, 2018

Jones, Scott, Wallin