Internal Services

The Otter Tail Internal Services Division coordinates assets such as county buildings, computer hardware/software, emergency management and human resources.
  1. Administration

    The administrative functions of this office are assigned by the Board of Commissioners.

  2. E-Government

    Administers the official Otter Tail County internet, intranet and social web sites and servers.

  3. Emergency Management

    Responsible for safety and protecting against, responding to, and recovering from all threats and hazards.

  4. Facilities

    This department is responsible for maintenance and custodial services for county buildings. It also aids in building planning.

  1. Geographic Information Systems

    The G.I.S. Department is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of the GIS spatial and attribute databases. It also serves as a training & technical resource for other county departments.

  2. Human Resources

    Assumes the personnel functions related to all full time, part-time, and temporary / seasonal employees.

  3. Information Technology

    I.T. is responsible for the efficient operation of the county computer equipment & internal network.

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