1. Attorney

    Attorney’s Office strives to provide fair and vigorous prosecution to promote justice and public safety and provide legal counsel and representation to Otter Tail County.

  2. Community Services

    Provides an array of financial and social services to Otter Tail County residents including, Public Health, Veteran's Affairs, Probation, and also the U of MN Extension Service.

  3. Financial Services

    Financial Services Division oversees all the finance and accounting functions

  4. Internal Services

    Coordinates assets such as facilities, hardware/software, safety, emergency management and human resources.

  1. Land/Property Services

    This division maintains and assesses the land records for the county.

  2. Sheriff's Office

    To Protect and Serve.

  3. Public Works

    Responsible for the county highways, ditch systems, recycling and disposal as well as county parks.

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