1. Administration

    Get information about the services and responsibilities of the County Administrator.

  2. Assessor

    Learn about the services and responsibilities of the County Assessor.

  3. Attorney

    Read about the County Attorney's responsibilities and services.

  4. Auditor

    See the mission and responsibilities of the County Auditor.

  5. Court Administration

    Read about the Court Administration Department and how they serve the community.

  6. Emergency Management

    Lean what Otter Tail County is doing - and what you can do - to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural, technological, and human-caused emergencies

  7. Facilities

    Learn about facilities care.

  8. Geographic Information Systems

    View maps managed by the Geographic Information Systems Department.

  9. Highway

    This Department has under its jurisdiction 1,052 miles of highway and 142 bridges.

  10. Human Resources

    See information about the Human Resources department and employment.

  11. Human Services

    Peruse through numerous social and financial services available to assist families and individuals.

  12. Information Technology

    Discover how the information technology department helps keep county government efficient.

  13. Land & Resource Management

    Learn how the department works to keep the environment safe and clean for residents and future generations.

  14. License Center

  15. Probation

    Look up probation information for Otter Tail County.

  16. Public Health

    Research information on the Public Health Department of Otter Tail County.

  17. Recorder's Office

    Find information on the Recorder's Office.

  18. Sheriff's Office

    To Protect and Serve.

  19. Solid Waste

    Look up information on the Solid Waste Department of Otter Tail County, Minnesota.

  20. Treasurer's Office

    View information on the Treasurer's Office of Otter Tail County, Minnesota.

  21. U of MN Extension

    See information about the University of Minnesota Extension in Otter Tail County.

  22. Veterans Service

    Check out information on Veterans Services in Otter Tail County Minnesota.

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