Otter Tail County Plat Book

Individual Plat Book Pages Are Available For Free

on each of our county township pages (Click the township of choice on the image below to jump to that page).

The county does not offer a printed version of this plat book for sale at this time.

A Digital Plat Book

complete with indexes is available to purchase from the Auditor's Office (which you could optionally bring to any commercial printer).   

Click on your township in the map below:

Townships of Otter Tail County Scambler Township Aastad Township Amor Township Aurdal Township Blowers Township Bluffton Township Buse Township Butler Township Candor Township Carlisle Township Clitherall Township Compton Township Corliss Township Dane Prairie Township Dead Lake Township Deer Creek Township Dora Township Dunn Township Eagle Lake Township Eastern Township Edna Township Effington Township Elizabeth Township Elmo Township Erhards Grove Township Everts Township Fergus Falls Township Folden Township Friberg Township Girard Township Gorman Township Henning Township Hobart Township Homestead Township Inman Township Leaf Lake Township Leaf Mountain Township Lida Township Maine Township Maplewood Township Newton Township Nidaros Township Norwegian Grove Township Oak Valley Township Orwell Township Oscar Township Otter Tail Township Otto Township Paddock Township Parkers Prairie Township Pelican Townshop Perham Township Pine Lake Township Rush Lake Township St. Olaf Township Star Lake Township Sverdrup Township Tordenskjold Township Trondhjem Township Tumuli Township Western Township Woodside Township

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