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High Accuracy Reference Network

The Otter Tail County GIS Department is using a High Accuracy Reference Network (HARN) to locate with Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS Term Definition, mapping points to be used as control in the furthering efforts of creating a countywide parcel based GIS system.

This information is presented to the registered land surveyors and professional engineering communities to assist them with a set of reference control points. All roads in Otter Tail County are currently being driven and a search has begun to establish existing control points. When existing control points are found, they are double stubbed in from 2 different HARN stations when possible to produce a county coordinate value.

When no control point exists, existing occupation is located and shot once with RTK GPS equipment to establish a mapping position. While great care has been taken in the measuring and documentation of these control points, the professional land surveyor and engineer using them are expected to perform quality control checks of the values and assume all liability in using these values.

As any or more control points are established, county coordinates should be assigned to them. That information should be forwarded to this department so that it may be added to the existing control network. By doing this over time, Otter Tail County will have a countywide network set up consisting of HARN points and certified section corners containing county coordinate values. This will perpetuate the building and maintenance of an accurate public level survey system and parcel map compiled into a single web access.

This data set is only intended for the professionally trained. Use of this data, without a thorough understanding of projections, datums, county coordinate systems and the HARN network, will result in erroneous values.

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