1. Fort Juelson

    The Historic Fort Juelson site is located about 2 miles East of Underwood, MN.

  2. History & Settlement

    Read through the history and settlement information of Otter Tail County.

  3. Historical Markers

    Research information on the most historical areas of Otter Tail County.

  4. Otter Tail County Courthouse

    Read through the history of the Otter Tail County Courthouse.

  5. Phelps Mill County Park

    Learn about the history of Phelps Mill County Park.

  6. Sheriff's Office

    Look up historical information on the Sheriff's Department.

  7. The Name "Otter Tail"

    Learn how Otter Tail County, Minnesota got its name!

  8. Maps

    View historical maps to get a better feel of the rich history that makes up Otter Tail County.

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