Tips & Education Information

  1. Tips & Education Information

    Protect yourself against bed bugs.

  2. Binge Drinkers' Brain

    Learn about the dangers of binge drinking.

  3. CDC Did you Know?

  4. Extreme Heat Tips

    This summer, protect yourself from the heat with our Extreme Heat Guide.

  5. Guidelines for Mold Issues

    Gain information on mold, the dangers of mold, as well as how to dispose of and protect yourself from mold.

  6. Head Lice

    Educate yourself on the subject of head lice.

  7. One Vegetable - One Community

    Visit the Veggie of the Year website and learn about the how vegetables are positively impacting Otter Tail County communities.

  8. Partnership 4 Health

    PartnerSHIP 4 Health is a collaboration of community and public health partners in Becker, Clay, Otter Tail and Wilkin counties working to prevent chronic disease through sustainable changes that increase physical activity, healthy eating and reduce tobacco use and exposure.

  1. Preventing Groundwater Contamination

    Stop groundwater from contaminating your drinking water.

  2. Radon Fact Sheet

    Research information on radon.

  3. Tobacco Cessation

    Resources for quitting tobacco use.

  4. Tobacco Educational Information

    Learn how harmful tobacco can be.

  5. TB Pathway Tools

    View resources to information on tuberculosis.

  6. Walking Routes

    Here are a few walking routes around the county.

  7. WIC Information

    Find contact information to health providers in your area that provide special attention to women, infants, and children.

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