Checkups & Immunizations

  1. Child & Teen Check Up Outreach

    Research information on the Check Up Outreach Program in Otter Tail County.

  2. Immunization Support Center

    View helpful information and resources on the importance of immunization.

  3. Immunization Shots

    Look up useful information pertaining to immunization shots in Otter Tail County.

  4. Living Healthy

    Use this tool to start keeping track of your diet and physical activity.

  1. New Immunization Laws

    Research new immunization laws for schools, child care providers, early childhood programs, and more.

  2. Pandemic Flu & Natural Disasters

    Protect yourself and your family against natural disasters and flu pandemics.

  3. West Nile Virus

    Research information on the West Nile Virus, including information on symptoms, how it has affected Otter Tail County, and how to protect yourself against the virus.

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