Adult Services

The Otter Tail County Probation Officers adult case load responsibilities include: supervision of all Court assigned adult Misdemeanor and Gross Misdemeanor offenders, which includes preparation of domestic abuse investigations, pre-sentence investigations, direct supervision of probation cases, individual counseling and casework documentation, including completion of all required reports.
  1. Bond Studies

    Learn about bond studies.

  2. Community Services Program

    Check out the Community Services Program and the various community services activities hosted by Otter Tail County Probation.

  3. Diversion Program

    Learn about the Otter Tail County Diversion Program.

  4. Drivers License Reinstatement Program

    The purpose of the Drivers License Reinstatement Program is to assist individuals who have been charged with a qualifying driving offense and need assistance in achieving the reinstatement of their driving privileges through the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

  5. DWI Program

    Look up information on the DWI Court Program that was designed to enhance public safety against the dangers of drinking and driving.

  1. Electronic Surveillance Program

    Obtain information on the Electronic Surveillance Program.

  2. Pre-Trial Bail Evaluations

    Discover how Otter Tail County handles Pre-Trial Bail Evaluations.

  3. Remote Electronic Alcohol Monitoring Grant

    Learn about the home monitoring system that will help monitor qualifying adults charged or convicted of a DWI offense.

  4. Responsible Decisions Impaired Driving Program

    View information on the Responsible Decisions Program.

  5. Restitution Program

    Check out information on the Restitution Program of Otter Tail County.

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