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Probation & Parole Service
Otter Tail County Probation provides probation and parole services to all juvenile and adult misdemeanor / gross misdemeanor offenders in Otter Tail County as directed by the District Court Judges. The department currently has 14 employees working in Fergus Falls and New York Mills.

Otter Tail County Probation exists to provide probation and parole supervision to adult and juvenile offenders in Otter Tail County, while maintaining the goals of community protection, offender rehabilitation, and offender accountability to victim(s).

Rehabilitation & Accountability
Probation Officers attempt to meet the goals of monitoring and evaluating offenders' adjustment in the community to determine their ability to adapt to community standards by: assisting offenders in identifying ways they can develop further competency through education, counseling, employment, and other programs that are available in the community; and by providing victims with the opportunity for input into the sentencing of offenders, as well as establishing fair restitution in an attempt to repair or replace damages suffered either to their person or property.

Otter Tail County Probation seeks to provide the best possible corrections services to the communities we serve.

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