Ice Control Policy

Services Provided
Otter Tail County’s “Ice Control Policy” shall provide the following minimum levels of service:
  • Ice control includes the removal of sleet, ice, frozen slush ice and hard packed snow.
  • The county does not have the resources necessary to maintain a bare pavement policy.
  • The primary materials used in maintaining roads in a reasonably safe and serviceable condition throughout the winter season are salt, calcium chloride and sand. The combination of materials used to combat any particular storm condition usually depends on such variable factors as air temperature, road surface temperature, snow fall rates, traffic, wind and time of day.
    • Desired effectiveness and economic considerations are also very important. Also the availability of materials will at times regulate the level of service.
  • Controlled intersections, curves and hills shall be sanded to provide skid resistance as soon as practical after a snow event and as soon as possible after plowing operations are completed, except during black ice and freezing rain conditions.
    • During these conditions, starting time and chemical applications will be as directed by the County Engineer or Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Sanding on highway straight-of-ways shall be done only in extreme conditions in the judgment of the County Engineer / County Highway Maintenance Supervisor. Sanding on general snow pack will be done very lightly as time and materials allow.

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