Boating / Water

The Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Water Patrol is responsible for the safety of residents and visitors who use the lakes and rivers of the County and for the regulation of all lakes, rivers, and waterways by authority of Minnesota State Statute 86B.105.
  1. Boating Safety Tips

    Look up information on boating safety.

  2. Boating While Intoxicated

    Operating a motorboat while under the influence of alcohol, a controlled substance (or its metabolite), or other illegal chemical is unlawful. Learn the dangers of boating while intoxicated and view information on fines and sentencing.

  3. Canadian Boat Operator Requirements

    View important information for Canadian boaters.

  4. Carbon Monoxide

    Learn the dangers of carbon monoxide.

  5. Child Life Jackets

    Discover the importance of life jackets.

  6. Forms

    Boating and Water related forms

  7. Invasive Species

    Learn and discover information on invasive species.

  8. Permits / Licenses

    Check out permit and licensing information for boats and water related activities in Otter Tail County, Minnesota.

  9. Personal Watercraft

    Check out information on personal watercraft in Otter Tail County.

  10. Rental Watercraft Guide

    Read through the Rental Watercraft Guide.

  11. Sunken Boats & Vehicles

    Look up Minnesota law that requires watercraft and motor vehicles (including cars, trucks, snowmobiles, and ATVs) that sink in a lake or river be removed by the owner within 30 days.

  12. Water Attractions & Water Activity Services

    Find important information on water attractions in Otter Tail County, Minnesota.

  13. Water Patrol

    View a wide variety of information on water related activities.

  14. FAQs

    Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about boating in Otter Tail County.

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