Future Employment

Position Recruitment
Otter Tail County Human Services recruits all candidates for open positions with the Minnesota Merit System. The Minnesota Merit System assists by testing and reviewing potential candidate’s applications for various positions.

If interested in becoming a candidate for consideration in any of these positions when available at Otter Tail County Human Services, contact Otter Tail County Coordinators Office to obtain a Minnesota Merit System Application. Obtain and view this application. Send application (address at top of application) to the Minnesota Merit System,
Human Service Building
444 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155-3822

After the Minnesota Merit System receives the application the applicant will be contacted with a date, time, and location to take the appropriate test. If candidate passes the test, they will be added to the Minnesota Merit System Register.

Otter Tail County will obtain this register when an opening occurs, and potential candidates will be contacted with a letter and county application. Otter Tail County and the Minnesota Merit System are equal opportunity / affirmative action employers.

Human Services Positions
Accounting Technician Sorts, corrects, and reconciles a variety of accounting documents; posts data to appropriate accounts, reviews and codes financial information, disburse funds, makes deposits, and prepares financial reports.
Case Aide Performs a variety of tasks related to the rendering of appropriate paraprofessional human services and performs related work as assigned.
Chemical Dependency Counselor
To assist clients with overcoming drug and alcohol addiction, to determine the best course of treatment; and perform follow-up visits to ascertain the success of treatment programs.
Child Support Enforcement Aide Assist Child Support Officer in establishment, modification, and enforcement of court orders with child support, medical support, and child care issues.
Child Support Officer

Establishment, modification, and enforcement of court orders with child support, medical support, and child care issues.
Financial Worker
Determining eligibility and maintaining a caseload for individuals whom are on public assistance.
Office Support Specialist

Typing, filing, record keeping, and miscellaneous clerical duties.
Social Worker To work with individuals and families in need of assistance with adult or child related mental health issues, to provide adult and child protection services, to provide services to elderly and developmentally disabled individuals, and other services related to licensing, adoption, and working with minor parents.

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