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When it doubt-check it out

1. Look at the number on the plastic you wish to recycle.
2. Does the item have a number?
3. Is the item rigid plastic, Styrofoam, film plastic or a plastic bag? If yes, it goes in the trash.
4. If it is a clean, empty and dry plastic container with a number 1-7 it goes in the recycling cart.

Recycling in Otter Tail County

Find ways to reduce and reuse waste, as well as information on recycling in the county.  


Single Sort Curbside Recycling in Fergus Falls

All acceptable recycling items can go in the cart and will be picked up every other week on garbage day. Please refer to the information packet attached to your cart. No BAGS-Loose only. Plastics #1-#7. Must have a recycling symbol on the container in order to recycle. NO GARBAGE.

Recycling Canister Locations


Acceptable Materials


ReUSE Minnesota


Youth in Action


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Free to Use Event Bins

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