Adult Services Programs

  1. Adult Protection Services

    Find the adult protective services provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

  2. Developmental Disabilities & Related Conditions

    Discover the roles and responsibilities of the developmental disabilities case management services.

  3. Disability Services

    Browse through the Minnesota Department of Human Services resources and services for people with disabilities.

  4. Information & Referral Services

    Learn basic information and the role of social workers in referral services.

  5. Long Term Care Services and Supports

  6. Mental Health

    Browse through the mental health programs, services, and resources provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

  7. Otter Tail Alliance For Vulnerable Adults

    Learn the vision and mission the alliance has for helping vulnerable adults.

  8. Senior Services Directory

    Use the senior resource directory to find helpful older adult programs and services offered in Otter Tail County.

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