Collective Bargaining Agreements

Organized labor bargaining units or unions exist in the following areas:
Name of Department
Who is Represented?
Highway Department AFSCME, Local 1830
Maintenance Worker
Maintenance Group Leader,
Lead Sign Technician 
Sign Technician 
Lead Mechanic 
Sheriff's Department:
Supervisory - Essential
Teamsters, Local 320
Corrections Lieutenant
Sheriff's Department:
Deputies - Essential
Teamsters, Local 320
Deputy Sheriff 
Court Security Officer
Sheriff's Department:
Non-Licensed - Essential
Teamsters, Local 320
Corrections/Bailiff Officer 
Sentence-To-Serve Crew Leader
Sheriff's Department:
Non-Licensed - Essential
Teamsters, Local 320
Corrections Sergeant
Dispatch Supervisor
Program Coordinator
Corrections Lieutenant
Human Services/Public Health:
Support Specialists
Teamsters, Local 320
Child Support Officer 
Energy Assistance Specialist 
Chemical Dependency Counselor 
Financial Worker 
Financial Assistance Specialist 
Case Aide 
Accounting Technician 
Office Support Specialist 
Administrative Assistant 
Support Enforcement Aide 
Fraud Prevention Specialist
Human Services Professional Unit
Teamsters, Local 320
Social Worker
Public Health Professional Unit of Nurses Teamsters, Local 320
Registered Nurse 
Public Health Nurse
Government Services Technical Unit Teamsters, Local 320
Office Technician
Deputy Treasurer
Provisional Appraiser
Election/Voter Registration Specialist
Assessment Technician 
Property Records Technician
Permit Technician
Administrative Deputy - Vital Statistics
Administrative Deputy Treasurer
Accounts Payable/Billing Specialist
License Center Specialist
Administrative Deputy - UCC/CNS
Land and Resource Inspector
Wetlands Inspector
Land Title Specialist
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Specialist

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