Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan

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Study Update 12-30-2016

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback on the Draft document presented through September 2016. Over the past few months we have been working with the Plan stakeholders to review comments, discuss modifications, prepared implementation plan, and finalize the Plan document. Below is a link to the final version of the Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan. We are very appreciative of the participation of the local residents, stakeholders, and White Earth Nation in the planning process and development of this document – Thank you.

Study Overview

The White Earth Nation’s announcement of their intent to develop Trust Land on Star Lake, as the Shooting Star Resort and Casino, in Star Lake Township precipitated consideration of the potential for residential and commercial developments on non-trust lands near the proposed development. Otter Tail County does not currently have an adopted Comprehensive Plan, nor does it regulate development with any official controls, with the exception of a County-wide Shoreland Ordinance. The County Board requested a study be conducted to review the area surrounding the proposed Trust Land development. The County Board’s intent was clear and well understood that this effort would inform County staff and others regarding potential for additional development and redevelopment in the area given the potential land and transportation feature constraints.

The Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan is NOT intended to be formally adopted as a County Comprehensive Plan under Minnesota Statute Chapter 394, nor is it intended to be adopted as the basis for any official controls under this same statute. Rather, the intent is to take a comprehensive look at development related issues in this limited area of Otter Tail County. The Plan identifies concerns of Star Lake and Dead Lake Township residents and property owners regarding development in the area as a whole, beyond specific concerns related to the Resort and Casino development (which is outside of the County’s jurisdiction). The Plan:

• Describes the demographic, geographic, and environmental characteristics of Star Lake and Dead Lake Townships.

• Provides an overview of the limited area transportation system and potential system improvements necessary to support development over the next 25 years.

• Outlines potential shared benefits relative to future redevelopment (beyond the Resort and Casino) in the limited area.

• Documents the public engagement process and summarizes the results of the community survey, which will help the community begin to consider its goals and envision more clearly the opportunities and constraints within the study area.

The Plan development process incorporated significant public stakeholder input and feedback regarding existing conditions, potential land use changes, and transportation issues; furthermore, it was guided by a diverse set of jurisdictional agencies, or quasi jurisdictional agency (White Earth Nation) with utilization of a Project Management Team.

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