1. Addressing for e911 Services

    The Little Blue signs

  2. Adult Services

    Look up information on Adult Services in Otter Tail County.

  3. Chemical Dependency Services

    Learn more about Chemical Dependency Services in Otter Tail County.

  4. Child Care Assistance

    Find child care assistance in your community.

  5. Child Support Services

    Research child support information for residents of Otter Tail County.

  6. Children & Family Services

    Get your family involved in one of the county's many family oriented services.

  7. Economic Assistance Programs

    Research economic assistance information in your area.

  8. Foster Care & Adoption

    Review foster care and adoption information.

  9. Human Services

    Check out the Human Services Department.

  10. Law Enforcement Training

    West Central MN Law Enforcement Training Classes and dates

  11. Mental Health Services

    Research mental health information and services in you area.

  12. Probation Services

    Find information on probation and rehabilitation services available through the Otter Tail Sheriff's Department.

  13. Public Health Services

    Find public health information and services in Otter Tail County.

  14. Recycling & Disposal


  15. Senior Services Directory

  16. Veteran Services

    Learn about services available to Veterans in Otter Tail County.

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