A-Z Special Projects

Many of the special projects in Otter Tail County encompass more than one division or one function of government.  We will endeavor to link current and older projects here, so that they may be more easily referenced.

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  1. Notice to Bidders: S.A.P. 056-599-061

    Culvert Replacement and Approach Grading (Bridge No. 56J25) Read about notice...
  2. Notice to Bidders: S.A.P. 056-652-014

    Remove Bridge (Old Bridge No. L0909), Install Culvert and Approach Grading. Read about notice...
  3. Notice to Bidders: S.A.P. 056-599-062 Bridge No. 56J26

    Aggregate Surfacing, Box Culvert and Bridge Removal Read about notice...
  4. Notice to Bidders: S.A.P. 056-684-002 & Etc.

    Bituminous Milling, Reclamation, Tight Blade, Wear Courses, Pedestrian Ramps, Curb and Gutter, Sanitary Sewer and Water Read about notice...
  5. Phelps Mill Proposed Fish Passage

    Resolution of Support Phelps Mill...
  6. Proposed Shooting Star Casino & Resort

    Proposed Shooting Star Casino Development EIS Needs Determination Postponed Until August 22, 2017 Star Lake....
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  1. County Ditches

    Check out the county ditch projects and browse through updates on each project.

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  2. CSAH 9 Project

    Browse through public meeting information, the corridor study, and agendas and minutes.

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  3. CSAH 38 Project

    The project is the reconstruction of CSAH 38 between Urbank and Parkers Prairie

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  4. Homestead RV Park & Resort

    Learn about the project at Ottertail RV Park and Resort.

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  5. Lake Improvement Districts (LIDs)

    Find updates on various LID projects as well as frequently asked questions and answers.

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  6. Limited Area Star Lake Comprehensive Plan

    Information page for and about the comprehensive plan near Star Lake as well as the proposed casino in Otter Tail County, Minnesota

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  7. Olaf Lake Draw Down Project

    View numerous figures, the bid summary, and environmental assessment of the Lake Olaf project.

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  8. Perham to Pelican Rapids Trail

    Perham to Pelican Rapids Multi-use Trail Resource Page

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  9. Phelps Mill Proposed Fish Passage


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  10. Prairie Wind Energy Project

    Find the basic information and helpful documents regarding the wind energy project.

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  11. Proposed Shooting Star Casino & Resort

    Proposed Shooting Star Casino & Resort on star lake

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  12. Prosperity Hills

    Prosperity Hills Special Project Page

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  13. South Turtle Lake Elevations

    Check out the South Turtle Lake project elevations from recent years.

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